a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous
— coco chanel

As I look back on my creative journey I had always been attached to “beauty” in some way. Starting in 1985 as a hairstylist/makeup artist, I had learned very early on that I wasn't just providing a hair service, I helped build confidence and self-esteem in my clients. It was a truly rewarding and deeply satisfying career. As my creative passion grew, I began to style for fashion shows and trade shows. It was a natural progression for me and helped showcase my work. 

My career took a turn when I relocated to Los Angeles. There I worked for a well-known hair salon on Rodeo Drive and with that came my “big break” moment. I was asked to work with emerging photographers who were working for Wilhelmina Models and LA Models Agencies. This changed everything for me. While collaborating with many creatives, developing and designing conceptual photo shoots along with comp cards/models folio work, my skill set grew. MUAH, wardrobe styling and location scouting adding to the list, I then realized how these experiences had greatly influenced my desire to become a photographer! It brought me out from working in front of the camera to working behind the camera. 

1. she had undeniable glamour: beauty, allure, attractiveness; elegance, chic, style; charisma, charm, magnetism, desirability.

In 2006 my career inspirations came to fruition, opening my first studio in the Chicago area and then moving to Milwaukee to create BabyBeauty Phototgraphy in 2010.

From 2010/2016 BabyBeauty Photography had taken priority. I have now come full circle, back to creating beautiful photographs of many subjects, but with an fresh emphasis on BEAUTY and BOUDOIR photography.

With my beauty background I wanted to bring my creative experience to the masses, the ordinary woman, so to speak. I knew it wasn't just for the select few, AKA model types. Every woman is beautiful in her own right!

My beauty sessions are for all the women who believe they cannot take a good photograph. Moms wanting to get their sexy back! (I've been there!) Women who have that "dangerous curves ahead" kinda feeling, feeling ... Or you wish to share your gorgeousness with your significant other.

Capture YOU this moment, NOW!

Yes! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yours! 

This is why I am choosing to concentrate on creating beauty portraits. To celebrate one's uniqueness and beauty. Building confidence and self-esteem one portrait at a time.

With a developed eye for design, beauty knowledge and photography skills, I have created a fusion of fashion, beauty and glamour for my clients who appreciate and share in my style. Many of my portraits have a minimalistic style shot with neutral backgrounds to reveal my subject’s beauty, strength and uniqueness. … with, of course, a touch of cool.

Come, I invite you to see for yourself! I DARE you!